‣ The new video feature on Instagram has launched and it’s no surprise fashion peeps are already getting in on the action . Burberry, Michael Kors and blogger Leandra Medine aka the Man Repeller (fyi if you’re a fan, Medine’s book of hilarious life musings is out in September) have all already jumped on board so we’re sure it’s only a matter of time before we’re all treated to lots of behind the scenes goodness.

‣ In further proof that a YSL tuxedo is all kinds of amazing, Cara Delevingne looks particularly smoking wearing one in the new campaign for YSL Babydoll mascara. It seems the campaign took inspiration from the past, paying homage to an iconic YSL image from the 70s. The campaign video shows Cara in an iconic YSL Le Smoking ensemble standing opposite a nude female model in a shot very similar to that photographed by Helmut Newton for French Vogue in 1975. The Newton image showed a model suited up in a Le Smoking suit alongside a nude female model in the streets of Paris. Well, if it worked 28 years ago…

‣ What does modern day McQueen smell like? We’ll soon find out. After forays into the fragrance market in 2003 with Kingdom and 2005 with My Queen (both were eventually discontinued), the brand has signed on with Procter and Gamble’s P&G Prestige range to develop a new scent. The brand has gone from strength to strength with Sarah Burton at the helm, so it was only a matter of time before it rejoined the prestige beauty market. The fragrance’s launch date has yet to be revealed.

Images: Instagram, Fashionista, Trendland

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