SOMEWEAR SITS DOWN WITH: Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily editor, Kate McKibbin

How would you describe your personal style? Sadly I have to say, practical! I love my sleep, and I also spend a lot of my day running up and down the stairs, so I have a pretty standard work-day uniform of skinny jeans, boyfriend tee, a leather jacket, and ballet flats.

What’s your never-fail, go-to outfit? My most flattering LBD, paired with this amazing boxy silver jacket I got in New York a few years ago and some tough booties.

Shoes or bags? I would love to say shoes, but I am six foot one and have giant feet to match. So it has to be bags.


If your house was burning down around you, which 3 items from your wardrobe would you save? My grandma’s engagement ring, my vintage Chanel bag, and previously mentioned silver jacket.

What has been your biggest splurge to date? My Chanel bag. I decided to treat myself after I made my first big sale on the site (probably should have paid my rent, but it was worth it!)

Which 3 stores would you choose to max out your credit card? I love all the artisan jewellery on Etsy (so many amazing, and unique pieces), and you really can’t go past Net-a-Porter. If I am going for bulk ASOS is always a great place to shop.

If you could keep any designer on speed dial which one would it be and why? Diane von Furstenberg. I not only love her design aesthetic, but she has had such an amazing life. She’s so inspiring!

Who is your favourite Australian fashion designer? I’m a jeans and tees girl, so it would have to be sass & bide!


Your top 3 beauty products? Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, 100% Natural Jojoba oil and LÓreal Shine Caresse lip lacquer in 300.

What’s the philosophy you live your life by? Just be yourself.

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Images: Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily, Zimbio

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