NEWS FLASH: A sneak peek at Isabel Marant for H&M


It’s one of the most highly anticipate collaborations in for like ever and the countdown is now officially on for Isabel Marant for H&M. The collection is dropping November 14 in 250 H&M stores worldwide and we for one are still in mourning our H&M isn’t coming till next year! Considering the fashion frenzy that Marant causes whenever she launches a new collection, we can only imagine that offering her design genius at a drastically reduced price will probably incite mayhem. Probably not as much as this little offering, but people will lose their shit be extremely exciteable all the same. The collection (previewed above by Harper’s Bazaar) will include tees, jackets, dresses and accessories. And don’t expect the quality to drop either. Marant says, “It was clear from the beginning that we didn’t want to just do a cheap version of Isabel Marant, so we worked around keeping a really high level of quality in the fabrics and the manufacturing, doing things by hand.” Bring. It. On.

Image: Racked

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