NEWS FLASH: Gwen Stefani for OPI


Can you think of a more beautiful and perfect pairing than Gwen Stefani and OPI? Well maybe Nutella and a variety of baked goods, but still, Gwen for OPI is about as awesome as it can get. Just think of all the colour possibilities! Gwen will be releasing her own range comprising of 7 different polishes. And the range as expected is as edgy as Gwen. There will be a red inspired by Gwen’s signature red lip, two semi-matte polishes which the manicure-lazy of us all will love as it requires no topcoat, two glossy crème shades, a glittery number and the one which will be especially mind blowing for the nail polish-obsessed is called “Push and Shove” which comes with a special base coat that will give your nails a mirrored effect. That’s right, mirrored nails! The collection drops in 2014, but we are most definitely already in love.

Image: Refinery29

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