paigeDescribe a typical day for you. I get up and the first thing I do is make coffee and play with my four dogs. It’s like playtime with the children! Then I usually work out so that would either be going on a hike or doing a workout at the gym. I typically do a little meditation after working out so I can put my intention of my day into the universe then get ready to go into the office.

On Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays, it’s fit days so we’ll go in and fit all the new washes or new styles either for final fits for production. We’ll go into design meetings talk about the merchandising of the line or new washes or colour stories of what we’re doing in the season. In the afternoon typically there will be men’s fittings, going through emails and having conversations with the sales team to find out what’s working and what’s not.

How would you describe your personal style? It would be best described as effortless chic. Feminine with a little bit of edge.

What’s your never-fail, go-to outfit? I wear that the Paige Edgemont which is an ultra skinny that has double zippers at the top. I’d wear it with a leather jacket and a silk blouse and a pair of ankle boots.

Shoes or bags? I’m a big Lanvin handbag fan and my favourite shoes at the moment are Saint Laurent or Alaïa. It’s really tough to choose. I think Alaïa for the femininity and Saint Laurent for the edginess and Lanvin for the classic style.


If your house was burning down around you, which 3 items from your wardrobe would you save? I would have to save my vintage Chanel handbag that has a rock and roll vibe to it. It’s one-of-a-kind I’ve never seen anything like it. It’s black with heavy metal chains on it. The first pair of Paige jeans we ever made for sentimental reasons and I would have to save my powder blue grey Alaïa dress..

What has been your biggest splurge to date? It’s my collection of leather goods. Well jackets in general, it doesn’t even have to be leather! I think the number of jackets is now paralleling the number of the jeans in my closet!

Which 3 stores would you choose to max out your credit card? Saint Laurent is my fave brand at the moment. It has the essence of my personal style, like cool chic downtown rock and roll girl that’s still feminine and classy at the same time. So obsessed! And then I think Maxfield in LA as it has everything from jewellery to interiors to handbags and clothing that are a great gorgeous edit. I think Montaigne Market in Paris for the way the store is merchandised. It’s so easy to navigate by colour and what you’re looking for. Plus being in Paris is lovely!

What will you be investing in this season? Probably continuing my love affair with leather and more cashmere. I think I need to add more cashmere to my wardrobe. I will also be investing in more plaid pieces.

If you could keep any designer on speed dial which one would it be and why? That would have to Hedi Slimane, the Saint Laurent designer.

Your top 3 beauty products? Cle de peau concealer, it’s a cult favourite. Also Armani foundation and powder are amazing and then Dr Lancer products for the face.

What nail polish are you wearing right now? It’s a pale pink gel polish called Doll Face.  

What’s the philosophy you live your life by? Really trusting and listening to my authentic self and enjoying every moment and making sure that I live in it (which is Paige’s new hashtag!) Really making sure that I learn from all my mistakes and not to beat myself up over it and to trust in that.


‣ Online shops: Net-a-Porter
‣ Style website/blog:
‣ Website to waste time on: iTunes
‣ Last website you added to your favourites folder: 
I don’t have a favourites folder. I wish I was that technically savvy! If I did have one it’d be Who What Wear. I do like Fab Sugar and Pop Sugar to go see what celebrities are up to.

Images: Zimbio

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